Moving for Marajuana


Our goal at Moving for Marijuana is to assist people with finding the right home to rent or buy in Colorado Springs in order to access medical marijuana. Our team is committed to creating a moving experience for you that is as stress-free as possible. We understand that being a medical marijuana refugee is stressful enough, and that you are caring for a loved one that needs this natural, legal drug that is difficult to access in most states. We would be honored if you chose us to help you with this important step in you and your family’s life!

How does this all work? Our team has tools to assist you whether you have visited Colorado Springs or not. For starters, we have a great relocation website that tells you all about the Colorado Springs area. We will also direct you to great websites that will help you with school rankings, crime, and other valuable statistics to help you find the right area of town to live in.

What’s next? We set you up on a search of homes that meet your specific criteria, and you decide which homes you would like to see, or which homes you would like us to video tape for you. Once you decide on a home, we walk you through the entire process in person, by Skype or Facetime, and with our expertise on Real Estate, help you relax and concentrate on the actual move for your family.

What other resources do we have? On this site, we list doctors that you can connect with to assist you with obtaining your medical marijuana license through the State of Colorado, also known as the “red card” or “registration card.” You will also find a list of dispensaries on this site that can assist you with which kind of marijuana that will best assist you with your needs.

Resources for Medical Marijuana and Services We Provide

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