Old North End

If you love history and have the money, this area north of downtown is for you. The area is a mix of large, stately homes built in the late 1800s and smaller ones built later. Don’t even think about remodeling or renovating until you run it by the vigilant homeowners’ association. Many of these homes are on the National Register.

Flagship Address: Wood Avenue

The Neighbors: Doctors, lawyers, college professors and other professionals as well as third generations of moneyed families. It’s a liberal pocket in the otherwise conservative-leaning city.

Also Consider: The Audubon neighborhood

The Neighbors: On the other side of Nevada Avenue, the houses are relatively newer (1940s and 1950s) and more modest. It’s a stucco-and-brick neighborhood of retirees and teachers, and professionals who don’t want to shuck out the bucks for a more prestigious address. Young families are starting to move in and remodel.

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